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An Overlooked Resource: Linkedin Company Pages

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An Overlooked Resource: Linkedin Company Pages. I was reviewing a client’s social sites, and lo and behold, I realized I had completely missed LinkedIn’s company pages! These are not the individual profile pages that we all have, but pages that are specific to our companies. Let’s take a look at LinkedIn as an often-overlooked resource.

LinkedIn pages are fully fleshed out and robust

First those overlooked company pages. Create a company profile and post to your company newsfeed in the same way that you post to your Facebook company page. LinkedIn copied the Facebook prototype, so it’s easy for all of us to use. Another resemblance to Facebook? Sorry. If you want to maximize the visibility of your posts, you really do need to promote them.

Statistics help tell a story

  • LinkedIn statistics in 2019: 303M active monthly users, 40% of whom visit the site daily.
  • 90M are senior-level influencers and 63M are decision makers.
  • Compare that with Facebook’s 2.38B monthly active users.

If you’re looking for higher-value leads and contacts, LinkedIn clearly outperforms the higher-volume Facebook.

LinkedIn has always been the career application

What has always distinguished LinkedIn from other social media applications is its emphasis on careers and recruiting. Recruiters love this application as do those who are looking for jobs. Let’s not forget savvy salespeople and networkers who use this application strategically to connect with those whom they want to meet.

The Career pages are thoughtful and comprehensive

There is an impressive array of free resources within the Career section. Most have been made within the last year. They’re pdf files that you can download. You’ll find:

  • Templates for job descriptions and discussions of recruiting, trends and branding.
  • Datasheets for recruiting ads and increasing employee retention. Profiles to inspire you.
  • There is a series of webinars on a range of topics, including small business hiring challenges.
  • Hiring and retaining millennials and business development on LinkedIn.
  • There is a resource library that includes toolkits for just about everything—one for recruiters, one for onboarding and job postings. There’s the ultimate guide to hiring with social media!

Don’t overlook LinkedIn’s Learning Center

LinkedIn’s Learning Center is a vast resource 13,000 online courses taught by professionals. There is a fee for these, but you get the first month free. I used these when I wanted to learn more about how to manage online advertising/PPC campaigns.

These are video tutorials that have little quizzes at the end–the accountability keeps you on your toes. I love cool free stuff, so I really worked these so I could finish them within my free month. I also knew that I needed continuity; big time gaps between sessions wasn’t going to provide optimal learning for me. You can control the speed, and go back and listen to something again. Topics are wide-ranging and the materials are comprehensive. There’s software development such as Microsoft apps and WordPress or Leadership and Management. Take a look. LinkedIn is an excellent resource.

Are you leveraging LinkedIn as a social media application and resource? Let’s talkContact Top of Mind Marketing; we’re writers and internet marketing experts.