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What If You Could Rank on Google Without Doing Ads?

What are online advertising platforms?

Online advertising has exploded. If you read any article about marketing these days, there’s just an assumption that you’re doing online ads. Google is raking in an estimated $100M/day from this business alone. Amazon’s right up there, helping Jeff Bezos […]

SEO: Creating Insanely Good Content

Good writing is nonnegotiable. Google knows the difference and so does your prospective client. It’s hard to be a thought leader if your content is riddled with bad grammar and misspelled words. From routine social posts to video scripts or a white paper. These all reflect your commitment to […]

What Is Local SEO?

What Is Local SEO?

More important, why is it important? This is why: Nearly half of all searches–an estimated 46%, have a local intent. That means their users are seeking information that is location-specific. Local SEO is about optimizing for a search query that is location-specific. Google and […]

Creating a Persona: Give it a Name and Make it Real!

Creating a Persona and Making it Real!

A buyer persona is term that keeps popping up in articles about content marketing. A persona is a detailed description of someone who represents your target audience. While your persona is fictional, it’s based on your own research into what your existing […]

top of mind marketing the 4 marketing pillars

The 4 Pillars Of Content Marketing Success?

What Are The 4 Pillars Of Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing success is choosing the right topic for the perfect audience on the best distribution channels.

Remember that you’re publishing content that informs, that helps people do their jobs. If people are looking forward to your […]

Social Media Content Examples

Social Media Content Examples

Social media content examples: Educational

I hate to tell you this, but a BuzzSumo study found that long-form content gets more social shares than short-form does. All of you who hate content on your websites need to rethink this. It’s content —specifically […]

Left Behind by Tech: Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Left Behind by Tech: Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Sandy’s a landscape designer. She started her own business twelve years ago after she got divorced. It provided some flexibility while she cared for her two young boys. She had always struggled with her marketing and relied on great word […]

Marketing Strategy Examples

Marketing has always been about connecting with our audience in the right place and at the right time. But now it means using digital channels and it requires some ingenuity. It means meeting our clients where they are spending time–and that’s on the internet and it’s 24/7. That’s unrelenting and […]

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Small Business

Every small business owner’s priority is getting customers. If you have a brick and mortar store, you’re starting out with signage, print ads and perhaps a postcard mailing. Since you offer a good product or service, you likely believe that word of mouth will work its magic and in a matter of time […]