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being top of mind: 5 best collaboration tools to keep your team working productively

Five Best Collaboration Platforms

Teams are working from home or around the world. Fulltime or parttime. Collaboration tools are now an essential part of the technology infrastructure. They’re the new normal. Here are five platforms that offer a wide range of collaboration tools and functions—many offer free versions that are a good place to start. One app that will surprise you–Microsoft 365 is a collaboration tool that we’re all familiar with.

top of mind marketing: creating a persona and making it real

Creating a Persona: Give it a Name and Make it Real!

While your persona is fictional, it’s based on your own research into what your existing and/or desired audience looks like.

While the buyer persona details may vary, they all include demographic information and behavior patterns. Personas are a very useful tool that help small business owners identify their customers.

top of mind marketing: creating pillar pages for good seo

What is a Pillar Page?

A Pillar page is a 3,000-word-plus piece of content that lives as a main navigation page of your website. It covers one overall topic in depth and links to sub-pages of related content.

What is a pillar-content marketing strategy?

A pillar content strategy is designed around high-value pillar […]

top of mind marketing ada compliant websites

How ADA-compliant is your website?

Would it surprise you to know that some big brands have been sued over website accessibility? Think Amazon, Burger King and Hulu.

Public and private sector construction projects must meet ADA Title II and III requirements to make them accessible to those with disabilities. While the ADA doesn’t […]

top of mind marketing the 4 marketing pillars

The 4 Pillars Of Content Marketing Success?

What Are The 4 Pillars Of Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing success is choosing the right topic for the perfect audience on the best distribution channels.

Remember that you’re publishing content that informs, that helps people do their jobs. If people are looking forward to your […]

Left Behind by Tech: Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Left Behind by Tech: Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Sandy’s a landscape designer. She started her own business twelve years ago after she got divorced. It provided some flexibility while she cared for her two young boys. She had always struggled with her marketing and relied on great word […]

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Small Business

Every small business owner’s priority is getting customers. If you have a brick and mortar store, you’re starting out with signage, print ads and perhaps a postcard mailing. Since you offer a good product or service, you likely believe that word of mouth will work its magic and in a matter of time […]

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important

Digital marketing has become a key component of today’s marketing strategies, and it’s a significant departure from traditional marketing efforts. It creates strategic plans and attracts new customers by driving brand conversation on numerous digital channels. These digital channels can range from […]