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being top of mind: 9 meeting management tools for business

7 Meeting Management Platforms Not Named Zoom to Try!

“Zoom” has become the generic for virtual meetings. And I suspect that most of us are, indeed, using Zoom. But the applications detailed below provide a wide range of functionality. Many of these applications are free or charge a nominal rate for the paid plan (vs Zoom’s $15/month rate) It’s worth giving them a try—especially if you’re already using these applications, including Microsoft and Calendly.

being top of mind; the pink slip blues. what to do if you're being laid off

The Pink Slip Blues

Who remembers what it’s like knowing you’re going to be laid off? There are rumors and rumblings, of course. The causes are varied but generally driven by economics. It may be a matter of downsizing or organizational changes that come with mergers and acquisitions. Maybe it’s innovation initiatives and you don’t fit in. Perhaps you’ve inherited a new boss who just plain doesn’t like you. It also could be because you’re too old.