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Content Marketing for Times of Uncertainty

top of mind marketing: content marketing for times of uncertainty

LinkedIn has published a new marketing guide for what they’re calling “times of uncertainty”. This “new normal” conversation is getting tiresome, but a few stats caught my attention:

  • Last year, 54% of B2B businesses planned on hosting more events.
  • We’re now six months into this disaster of a year; 78% of these businesses now are expecting budget increases for online content.
  • For 52% of marketers, shifting priorities has been their biggest challenge. They’ve switched from those expensive and difficult-to-quantify events and are investing their marketing dollars in content marketing.

Shifting strategies; being nimble is key

While many of us have continued working through the lockdown, others have been furloughed, idle, bored, spending even more time online.

Let’s stop whining about COVID and get to work

This disease is going to be part of our lives for a while, so make sure you and your family are doing everything you can to stay safe, and let’s get to work.

A strong content marketing strategy is a long-term plan to drive business growth

Content marketing involves publishing relevant content in a variety of forms on the channels where your audience spends the most time.

  • You don’t need to be pushing out huge volumes of text every week.
  • Instead, think strategically. Create a single theme—a product or service. It could be your team—a highly trained and informed group of people who can’t wait to solve thorny problems.
  • Use this message in different ways to add value. It can be turned into a case study, a video, an animated explainer video, a blog, a white paper, an ebook. It can drive your newsletters.
  • It may be time to embrace online advertising/pay-per-click (PPC). Carefully managed and monitored, this can be an important lead-generation strategy. PPC works if you work it.

What’s good messaging?

I always like this description: A good blog, article or post isn’t about you. It should be something that helps people do their jobs. A tip, a workaround, a new application that’s a productivity enhancer. If you can find ways to help your audience recover, you’re in a stronger position to attract, engage and convert new customers in the process. Customer service has never been more important. Going the extra mile for your clients is a very good investment and never goes out of style.

We kicked off the year with high expectations

None of us could have imagined that 2020 would turn into a year of such stunning challenges. An election year, a pandemic, a tanking economy and a global uprising over racial injustice. It’s a consequence of the economic disparity that is fundamental to so many of our social problems. People are losing family members and their jobs with diminished opportunities on the horizon.

Now is the time to feature humanity, generosity and humor in your messaging. Try to reach people on an emotional level, demonstrating compassion.

Get back in the game

If you need help developing or implementing your content marketing programcontact Top of Mind Marketing. We’re writers and content marketing experts.