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I’m booked. Do I really need a website?

top of mind marketing yes, you do need a website

I’m working with a doctor to build her first-ever website. She’s been in practice for more than 25 years, and she’s booked solid. Yet, if you googled her, you’d come up with a name and an office address. No photo, logo or sophisticated color palette. She’s not on social media, so you won’t find her uploading clever posts to Facebook or messaging health tips to Twitter. For all intents and purposes, she’s completely anonymous, which has nothing to do with her dedication to her practice. She’s very serious about helping her patients live healthy lives. Happily, most of her business comes from referrals or repeat patients, which is where we all want to be. Business is steady and good, so why, after all these years, is she bothering with a website?

Anticipating the next economic downturn

There’s a good reason why my client is finally getting around to creating a website. We’re enjoying a strong economy and people are delighted to be busy. But who remembers the recession? Those of us who survived the lean years are more cautious. My construction clients are getting wary. They see money tightening, their clients more cautious about their remodeling projects. Uncertainty fuels economic slowdowns. We have an election in the not-so-distant future, saber-rattling in the White House and trade policies that are squelching business with longtime trading partners. If you’re not uneasy, you’re not paying attention.

Smart companies want to be in a better place when the next recession hits

Smart companies, including doctors, want to be better positioned when—not if—the economy slows down. That means getting the jump on their marketing programs, and their websites are the foundation.

Studies show that nearly 61% of Americans are now seeking medical information online, and they’re researching their healthcare providers as well. As with any other industry, being able to find a doctor’s website is part of that first impression about whether a doctor will be the right fit. We look at the ease of navigation, crisp, clear graphics and ability to find contact information.

A website validates you. For a doctor, it:

  • Showcases a doctor’s credentials, educational background and ongoing training.
  • Defines practice areas and treatment techniques.
  • Can speed the intake process by hosting downloadable forms.
  • Provides a patient portal, a secure place for doctor-patient communication.

A website lets you control the narrative

A company blog helps all business owners get their messages, missions, and personalities in front of their target audiences faster than print ads or traditional brochures. If you’re using social media, your posts can drive traffic back to your website.

Websites are cost effective marketing tools, a chance to tell your story online

There are many great, affordable platforms these days that make the web development process easy and accessible. When you use a free website-building tool such as WordPress, you position your company to reach thousands more potential customers.

Thinking about a new website or wondering about an update to your existing site? Give me a call!