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Marketing Strategy Examples

top of mind marketing examples of good marketing


Marketing has always been about connecting with our audience in the right place and at the right time. But now it means using digital channels and it requires some ingenuity. It means meeting our clients where they are spending time–and that’s on the internet and it’s 24/7. That’s unrelenting and it’s exhausting. It’s a long, grueling process. So what are other companies doing? Here’s a good marketing strategy example. 

Building a brand takes a whole lot of guerilla marketing

I happen to love glasses, and I have a big bowl full of specs on my counter. While I’ve never counted them, I suspect I have nearly 20 pairs. So of course I know about Warby Parker, though they’re way too expensive for me. There are other online brands that are cheaper and more fun. Nevertheless, I’ve been watching WB for years, and I love their style, marketing and product. 

Warby Parker started a revolution: Making stylish glasses affordable

A pair of progressives—bifocals that don’t show the telltale line—costs upwards of $400. Warby Parker came along and started a revolution. They were appealing to all of the aging baby boomers who reached their 40s and inevitably needed glasses. Thanks to Warby Parker, we now could buy a pair of progressives with stylish frames online for less than $150. This was the beginning of the spectacle revolution. 

Warby Parker was founded with a mission and they’re humanizing their brand

The eyewear company wanted to sell premium-quality glasses at affordable prices. They’re the common man’s answer to Gucci and Armani. But they’re about more than glasses; they’re humanizing their brand strategy. WP’s owners had less than 20/20 vision but couldn’t afford to buy glasses. They wanted to break the monopoly of high-end brands and provide quality glasses at low prices. Warby Parker tells the story of a genuine brand championing a good cause. Good marketing tells a story.

A big dose of corporate social responsibility

It gets better. For every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a pair to the needy. In this way, they involve customers in their brand story. People feel good that they’re associated with a business that’s committed to doing the right thing. Corporate social responsibility has become an important brand attribute. The moral of this story is that we should be open about sharing our brand personalities. This does not mean endless self-promotion; rather, it is the history of your brand or the story of your company’s evolution. When I go to someone’s website, I always check out the About page. I want to know about the people behind the product. Your story humanizes you, and we’re all looking for connections.

Time to kick off digital marketing for your business: It’s cost effective and adaptable

Digital marketing strategies are affordable, measurable, accessible and endlessly adaptable. Getting started on social channels or doing online ads can be intimidating, and there is always a learning curve. We help our clients take the guesswork out of digital marketing and develop customized campaigns that help them grow their businesses.

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