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Time for YouTube Ads in Your Marketing Plan?

top of mind marketing:Is it time to add youtube ads to your marketing plan?

Ten years ago, people began making big predictions about video and its potential to change the way we were marketing our products. Fast forward to today and video has become a staple—accessible and affordable, a tool that helps attract audiences, explain products, and communicate with both internal and external clients.

Videos contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), helping you show up in search. And YouTube, owned by Google, is the world’s second most-used search engine. Just as Google online advertising (PPC) has become a huge business, so has YouTube’s.

Developing a video advertising campaign on YouTube

I’m working with a client to develop a series of ten-12 animated explainer videos. For each of these videos, I’m writing a script, and we’ll have our videographer develop these videos. We’re using both explainer videos and white-board videos. Because our subject matter can be complex, the video explainer concept is ideal for breaking down complicated thoughts into easily understand ideas in a few frames.

Identify a strong call to action

When people see our explainer videos on YouTube, we want them to click on the call to action button, then hit the coordinated landing page on our website. While we’d like a sale, this is not realistic. None of us buys on the first pass. We shop around, check prices, quality and reviews. Our team is realistic about this and we know that we’re building a relationship. Ours is a long-term effort. Conversion for us means signing up for our monthly newsletter. This is how we will measure ROI and the success of our campaign.

We’ll also be using Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics report will show what kind of traffic we’re getting from our YouTube channels. We should be seeing increased traffic to our site—even if users do not sign up for our newsletter. As with any purchase, we hope that those users come back again and make a purchase. That’s what the sales cycle is all about.

Creating a landing page in Unbounce

I’m using an app called Unbounce that is very easy to use and has a variety of templates from which to choose. While the landing page needs to be specific to each video, we can use the same design and swap out the text and images for each video.

A critical part of our campaign will be identifying keywords and keyword groups

For any PPC campaign, identifying keywords and keyword phrases is fundamental to the process. We must also identify our YouTube audience. With more than 30 million YouTube channels, we need to identify those channels where we think our ideal clients will most likely be hanging out.

Continue to monitor and adjust

PPC advertising works. Google rakes in more than $100M/day. Many are using this channel successfully, but each campaign needs to be monitored and adjusted. A carefully matched ad and landing page will help your campaign succeed.

Are you considering online/PPC advertising for your business but need some help?

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