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Frequently Asked Questions

Our account management team will work with you to prepare and import your contact database into Surefire. So there is no worry that you’ll be left standing there scratching your head wondering how to get all your contacts uploaded. Because we’ll do it for you!

Lots. For new accounts we will help you with importing your database. We also hold several live orientation and training webinars every week to help onboard new users.

For ongoing support, we have a host of video tutorials available as well as other more intermediate and advanced live webinar training topics. We also provide all users with a Help Desk ticket system to assist with additional support questions.

We do not sell or share any client data. Check out our privacy policy for more details.

Yes. Enterprise companies can white label Surefire and get a custom login page as well as insert their logo and custom colors in the CRM. Surefire will happily hide in the background while your company receives all the glory.

Absolutely. We have volume pricing as part of all of our plans. Obviously, the larger the company, the bigger the discount. Schedule a demo to discuss this further with one of our representatives.

As of right now, Surefire is specifically designed for mortgage professionals.

Surefire offers several different pricing plans depending on the size of your company. We also offer volume pricing depending on the number of seats you purchase. You’ll see that Surefire is competitively priced on a cost per user similar to other SaaS CRMs.

However, considering a seat of Surefire is like getting a CRM, email marketing platform, online loan application, flyer design tool, marketing content generator and… well, we could go on and on, but you should really schedule a demo and see for yourself the incredible value a Surefire seat can provide to you and your company.

Yes. You can make anyone — a Borrower, Referral Partner or Employee — a contact within Surefire and add them to one of the aforementioned campaigns. You can use a pre-existing Surefire campaign or create one of your own.

Indeed we do. You can create marketing campaign workflows that will send emails to your contacts. You additionally create tasks for yourself as part of this workflow, so it can serve as a task management process.

You sure can. You can set up Surefire so all your new closed loans will automatically go on an electronic campaign that will send them emails and you alerts for important task reminders. Of course, if you want you can add them to an integrated email and mail campaign. Mail pieces are very affordably priced and can be a worthwhile investment. Ask for a price quote during your demo.

Integration time varies from company to company, but if you have the dedicated IT resources on your end to work with your LOS, you could be up and running with integration within a few weeks. Given there are so many moving parts, especially when dealing with the IT support of large mortgage companies, integrations tend to run a little longer.

Because integration takes extra internal resources on our part, there is an additional cost for this service. If you are interested in integration, please ask about it on your demo.

While these are direct integrations utilizing our API and the LOS’s SDK, we can effectively integrate with any LOS using an FTP file drop process. If you have further questions or want to see our full list of LOS integrations, be sure to ask our representative on your demo.

Depending on the size of your company and number of users and contact databases you need to import, you could be up and running with Surefire within a few weeks. But large enterprise clients generally take about 30-60 days given their various internal administrative needs and requirements.

Regardless, our account management team will work with you throughout every step of the process until you are 100% fully comfortable that your Surefire instance is fully functional.


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