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Stand out with Effective Mortgage Email Marketing

Mortgage email marketing is a key strategy to enable loan officers to engage with their prospect base, connect and educate borrowers that are in the process of securing a mortgage or refinancing, and to remain a consultative influence in their client’s journey to earn repeat and referral business.

The challenge for many lending professionals is finding the appropriate methods to automate their email marketing efforts in a way that keeps their prospects and clients engaged long term.  Surefire CRM assists in this process by providing different lead nurturing sequences that keep you top of mind with all of your borrowers.  

Lesson Description: 

  • Automation and Lead Nurturing and why you need to implement it as a lending professional
  • Increasing your open rate and engagement
  • Adopting a Holistic Mortgage Marketing Strategy.  

How can automating your emails help nurture your leads?

Email marketing for mortgage brokers is similar to standard drip and education campaigns used in typical digital marketing campaigns. Automation is absolutely key with workflows creating efficiencies that enable the loan officer to have more time to work the high volume of work related to in-process loans and therefore close a higher loan volume. 

A prospective mortgage lead or current mortgage customer needs to be nurtured and educated to convince them that the loan officer or mortgage broker is the best choice for them. Email marketing offers mortgage loan originators an easy, automated channel, to educate and build trust.

How Do You Create Engaging Email Templates?

To make this possible, mortgage CRM systems like Surefire from Top of Mind Networks provide mortgage email marketing templates and preconfigured automated workflows that draw on extensive mortgage email marketing experience. These marketing templates let the loan officer engage with their borrowers without the need for reinventing key messages or experimenting to find what works best.

What is an email marketing workflow?

A marketing workflow is a series of operations or steps set during the development of a marketing campaign or project. 

The rules and requirements established in this workflow dictate the potential emails a lead will receive based on their information or actions. 

What Type of Creative Content Should I Include in My Email Marketing?

Best practices for mortgage email marketing go well beyond the emails themselves, with modern mortgage CRM systems providing multimedia and multi-channel engagement. For example, instead of delivering flat mortgage newsletters for marketing, the best mortgage CRM systems offer the loan officer choices, such as video-based or animated market and local reviews for periodic content delivery.

How Do I Adopt a Holistic Mortgage Marketing Strategy?

Holistic marketing considers a business and all of the departments that make up that business to be part of one single entity.  To grow that business, holistic marketing seeks to focus each department of the company towards one objective.  

An email marketing mortgage campaign may actually just be a small part of the total outreach for a loan officer. Delivering outreach with an expert blend of email, phone, SMS, print, and social content is actually the best and most effective way to engage the widest range of prospects and clients. This can be very time consuming and complex without the right mortgage CRM solution.

Final Words

Surefire CRM removes the marketing automation paralysis loan officers often feel by delivering done for you marketing workflows. Award-winning creative content is constantly refreshed and automatically made available for originators. Key communication tools like an automated phone dialing system and automated and instantaneous text message response through workflows are offered to all Surefire CRM users.

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Common Questions

While there is no limit to the video, imagery, and marketing copy which you can incorporate into your marketing workflow, it is important that you supply a clear message which is easy for your customer to understand and follow. 

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