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The Trending Mind Editor’s Cut | LendingPad

May 19, 2021

There are countless partnerships between loan origination systems (LOS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, but none are as aligned and synergistic as the integration of Surefire and LendingPad

Mutual users have the advantage of real-time data synchronization that allows brokers and lenders to stay engaged throughout the loan process, resulting in more loans crossing the finish line. When a user creates a loan in LendingPad, contact records and loan milestones automatically export into Surefire.

One of the most beneficial parts of the integration is that it’s turnkey-ready. The data is quickly transferred, and Surefire is already equipped with the industry’s largest content library and pre-configured automation workflows. To see why Surefire users and industry critics love our creative collateral, take the free content tour!

The two software systems have a common goal: taking care of the heavy lifting so lenders can close more loans.


Close More Deals With Surefire's SMS Text Feature!

Text messaging has become the cornerstone of direct phone communication and borrowers expect you to respond- and FAST.

In the kaleidoscopic world of mortgage lending, the Top of Mind and LendingPad teams are adept at anticipation and communication to remove the mystery behind the change. 

Recently, LendingPad skillfully executed the URLA changes that took the industry by storm in March. Rather than scrambling to change the product line with these adjustments, LendingPad took the approach of educating its customers and proactively preparing lenders for this major change. 

Top of Mind is also a proponent of customer education and professional advancement. In January, we launched Mortgage Marketing University, a free resource for marketing and lending professionals to learn — or brush up on — the fundamentals of mortgage marketing at their own pace. Whether or not you’re a Surefire client, your team is invited to take as many courses as you like at no cost. You can even take the lessons with you by downloading the eBook.

Top of Mind also offers Blueprints for Success, out-of-the-box modules purpose-built for every type of lender. Our team works with every lender to provide a personalized Surefire playbook with best practices and key strategies informed by industry expertise and peer data. 

If you’re wondering why we invest our time developing hours of content and educational resources at no cost to you, the answer is simple: your success is our success. It’s also the reason why we listened to the many customers who sought an integration between Surefire and LendingPad.

Our partnership is a powerful combination. In an industry where the integrated tech stack is crucial, you need a mortgage CRM that partners with the top mortgage technology providers. Check out all of the LOS, POS, and PPE systems we proudly integrate with here

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